Saturday, September 9, 2017

Quote Of The Day:
"Trump Betrays Everyone ..."

Per "Democracy Dies In Amazon Warehouses":
[Trump] also repeatedly demonstrates that, while he demands absolute loyalty from others, he is ultimately loyal to no one but himself.

“It makes all of their normalizing and ‘Trumpsplaining’ look silly and hollow,” said Rick Wilson, a Republican strategist sharply critical of Trump, referring to his party’s congressional leaders. “Trump betrays everyone: wives, business associates, contractors, bankers and now, the leaders of the House and Senate in his own party. They can’t explain this away as [a] 15-dimensional Trump chess game. It’s a dishonest person behaving according to his long-established pattern.”
At his age (& w/ his brain apparently calcified) Trump probably couldn't act any differently if he wanted to.

The Twinkle Brothers - "Dub Betrayal"

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