Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Time Passes ..."

We were laboring under the impression malls & retail were history (Alright, we read a headline to that effect & a few paragraphs before boredom set in.) but in Irwindale drag racing history is probably going to be replaced by a new mall.
“A project of this nature could not only help the city, but also the region,” Irwindale Community Development Director Gus Romo told the Pasadena Star News in 2015. “It has a capacity of bringing in revenue to the general fund and we believe it will be a catalyst to development around the center.”
You tell 'em, Gus. "Could ... a capacity of bringing in revenue ("It could happen!") ... we believe ... catalyst yada yada." Insufferable.

Musical reference:
Alphabet/Google/ appears effed up; if it doesn't start at (12:48) move it there. Or don't bother at all. (Dunno why I arse myself, myself.)

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