Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ghormley Afloat

SAT 1 AUG 1942
Vice Admiral Robert L. Ghormley, Commander South Pacific Force, establishes his headquarters afloat on board auxiliary Argonne (AG-31) at Nouméa, New Caledonia.

Submarine Narwhal (SS-167), attacking Japanese shipping south of Shiraya Zaki, off northeast tip of Honshu, sinks merchant cargo ship Meiwa Maru, 41°12'N, 141°36'E, and oiler Koan Maru, 41°03'N, 141°28'E.

Naval Base, Galapagos Islands; Naval Station, Taboga Island, Canal Zone; Naval Auxiliary Air Facility and Motor Torpedo Boat Base, Salinas, Ecuador, are established.

Gulf of Mexico
Coast Guard J4F bombs and sinks German submarine U-166, 28°31'N, 90°45'W.

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