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Rescued By The Pimpernel

TUE 18 AUG 1942
Japanese destroyers Kagero, Hakigaze, Maikaze, Urakaze, Isokaze and Hamikaze begin landing 916 troops of the Imperial Army's Ichiki Detachment on Guadalcanal.

Convoy TAW 13, steaming south of Cuba, comes under attack from German submarine U-553, which torpedoes and sinks Swedish merchantman Blankaholm and British freighter Empire Bede; U-553 also torpedoes and sinks U.S. freighter John Hancock at 19°27'N, 76°48'W. All 38 merchant sailors and the 11-man Armed Guard survive the loss of the ship; the men are rescued by British corvette HMS Pimpernel.

Convoy TAW (S), 15 ships escorted by gunboat Courage (PG-70), British corvette HMS Clarkia, two Coast Guard cutters and four submarine chasers, is attacked by German submarine U-162, which torpedoes unarmed U.S. freighter West Celina off Grenada, 11°45'N, 62°30'W (see 19 August).

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A/V Study Guide For Previous Item

Fictional moving picture:A graphic story:
Another graphic story:
Documentary moving picture:

Gung Ho!

MON 17 AUG 1942
Companies "A" and "B," 2d Marine Raider Battalion (Lieutenant Colonel Evans F. Carlson, USMC), transported in submarines Nautilus (SS-168) and Argonaut (SS-166), raid Makin Island in the Gilberts; Nautilus's gunfire supports marines ashore. The relative ease with which the assault is carried out, however, inspires the Japanese to bolster defenses in the region.

Submarine Gudgeon (SS-211) damages Japanese oilers Shinkoku Maru and Nichiei Maru northwest of Truk, 07°43'N, 151°13'W.

U.S. tanker Louisiana is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-108 approximately 200 miles from Paramaribo, Dutch Guiana, 07°24'N, 52°33'W; although U-108 sees three men escape from the burning ship, they are never found. There are no survivors from the 41 merchant sailors and the 8-man Armed Guard.
Plus, History weighs in:
On this day in 1942, Lt. Col. Evans F. Carlson and a force of Marine raiders come ashore Makin Island, in the west Pacific Ocean, occupied by the Japanese. What began as a diversionary tactic almost ended in disaster for the Americans.

Two American submarines, the Argonaut and the Nautilus, approached Makin Island, an atoll in the Gilbert Islands, which had been seized by the Japanese on December 9, 1941. The subs unloaded 122 Marines, one of two new raider battalions. Their leader was Lt. Col. Evans Carlson, a former lecturer on post-revolutionary China. Their mission was to assault the Japanese-occupied Makin Island as a diversionary tactic, keeping the Japanese troops “busy” so they would not be able to reinforce troops currently under assault by Americans on Guadalcanal Island.

Carlson’s “Raiders” landed quietly, unobserved, coming ashore on inflatable rafts powered by outboard motors. Suddenly, one of the Marines’ rifles went off, alerting the Japanese, who unleashed enormous firepower: grenades, flamethrowers, and machine guns. The subs gave some cover by firing their deck guns, but by night the Marines had to begin withdrawing from the island. Some Marines drowned when their rafts overturned; about 100 made it back to the subs. Carlson and a handful of his men stayed behind to sabotage a Japanese gas dump and to seize documents. They then made for the submarines too. When all was said and done, seven Marines drowned, 14 were killed by Japanese gunfire, and nine were captured and beheaded.

Carlson went on to fight with the U.S. forces on Guadalcanal. He was a source of controversy; having been sent as a U.S. observer with Mao’s Army in 1937, he developed a great respect for the “spiritual strength” of the communist forces and even advocated their guerrilla-style tactics. He remained an avid fan of the Chinese communists even after the war.

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Airship Mystery

August 16, Sun.
Submarine S-39 (SS-144), irreparably damaged by striking reef off Rossel Island, on 14 August, is abandoned.
Airship L-8 (ZP-32) is damaged upon return from patrol off California coast, landing at Dale [sic] City, California.
The airship, however, is unmanned; the fate of its two-man crew remains a mystery.
The blimp finally came to rest atop Richard Johnston's freshly waxed car in Daly City, Calif.,
just South of San Francisco. (National Archives)
[Complete mystery to your humble editor as well. Indeed, I'd never heard of it.]

Surviving 38 merchant seamen and the 13-man Armed Guard of U.S. freighter Cripple Creek, sunk by German submarine U-171 on 13 August, are rescued by British armed trawler HMS St. Wistan and transported to Sierra Leone. [Told you. No damn Nazi U-Boat can be off Sierra Leone & in the Gulf Of Mexico on the same day!]

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - "The Blimp"

How blimps are built, at (3:00), preceded by the build up for Guadalcanal, as if that were news. Also segregated, honky-commanded "grim, determined" Pinoy regiment (6:05).

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Things Are Established, Ships Are Sunk, People Are Killed (In History)

August 15, Sat.
Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island, Washington, is established. [Paving the way for An Officer and a Gentleman.]

Marine Aircraft Wings, Pacific (Major General Ross E. Rowell, USMC) is established at San Diego, California.

Patrol Wing 11 (Commander Stanley J. Michael) is established at San Juan, Puerto Rico, for operations in Caribbean Sea Frontier.

Naval Auxiliary Air Facility, Jamaica, British West Indies, is established.

U.S. freighter Balladier, in convoy SC 95, is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-705 (one of 13 boats deployed to intercept Allied transatlantic convoys) approximately 550 miles southeast of Iceland at 55°00'N, 25°00'W; eleven of the 34-man crew and two of the 11-man Armed Guard die in the attack. Merchantman Norluna rescues survivors.

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Third Time's The Charm!

These United Snakes have already beaten both rogue nations represented by these flags; come at us again, losers!
Chevy driver. Found here, w/o credit.

They Liked Ike; Submarining;
Giuliani Sinks California (Really!)

FRI 14 AUG 1942
Submarine S-39 (SS-144) is damaged when she strikes submerged reef off Rossel Island, Louisiade Archipelago.

Submarine Seawolf (SS-197) sinks Japanese merchant passenger-cargo ship Hachigen Maru (ex-British Wenchow) in Sibitu Passage, 05°07'N, 119°37'E.

Lieutenant General Dwight D. Eisenhower, USA, Commanding General, European Theater of Operations, is appointed Commander in Chief of Allied Expeditionary Forces; Admiral Sir Andrew B. Cunningham, RN, is appointed Allied Naval Commander.

Unarmed U.S. freighter California is torpedoed, shelled and sunk by Italian submarine Reginaldo Giuliani at 09°24'N, 33°02'W; all hands (38 men) abandon the sinking ship under fire (see 4, 5 and 14 September).

Eat This, Johnny Reb!

Protesters pull down Confederate statue
at old Durham County courthouse


Today's Three Words: "Trite", "Infantile" & "Meaningless"

The mostly gratuitous Michael Gerson recently in "Democracy Dies in Darkness".
Trump babbles in the face of tragedy
Trump’s reaction to events in Charlottesville was alternately trite (“come together as one”), infantile (“very, very sad”) and meaningless (“we want to study it”). “There are so many great things happening in our country,” he said, on a day when racial violence took a life.


Trump-'Tards: Don't Be A Sucker!

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Magic Submarine?

THU 13 AUG 1942
Gulf of Mexico
U.S. tanker R.M. Parker, Jr., en route to Port Arthur, Texas, is torpedoed, shelled, and sunk by German submarine U-171 at 28°37'N, 90°48'W. There are no casualties, and Coast Guard auxiliary cutter Pioneer rescues all 37 merchant seamen and the seven-man Armed Guard.
U.S. freighter Cripple Creek is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-171 at 04°55'N, 18°30'W; one crewman is killed. The survivors take to three lifeboats (see 16 August). [This reporter finds it hard to believe that U-171 was looting, shooting & wailing off both New Orleans & Sierra Leone (just north of the equator) on the same day.]

U.S. freighter Delmundo, in convoy TAW 12, is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-600 in the Windward passage, 19°55'N, 73°49'W; five of the 41-man crew perish, as do three of the eight passengers. The survivors, including the 9-man Armed Guard, are rescued by British destroyer HMS Churchill [ex-U.S. destroyer Herndon (DD-198)].

Operation PEDESTAL: German and Italian motor torpedo boats attack Malta-bound convoy before dawn; German S 30 and S 36, and Italian MAS 554 and MAS 557 torpedo and sink British merchantman Wairangi and damage Rochester Castle (which will eventually reach Malta although she is damaged further by Luftwaffe JU 87s and JU 88s). U.S. freighter Almeria Lykes is torpedoed and is abandoned, 36°40'N, 11°35'E. The ship remains afloat, but is sunk by scuttling charge after daybreak. British destroyer HMS Somali rescues all hands: 51 merchant seamen, 15-man Armed Guard, and 39 passengers. Freighter Santa Elisa is torpedoed in the same attack, approximately 20 miles southeast of Cape Bon, 36°48'N, 11°23'E, and is abandoned when her cargo of aviation gasoline catches fire. Four of the 33 embarked army passengers are killed, but the 56-man merchant complement and the 11-man Armed Guard suffer no fatalities. British destroyer HMS Penn rescues the survivors and transports them to Malta; three Armed Guard sailors will be hospitalized there for burns suffered in the attack that leads to the ship's abandonment. Santa Elisa is finished off by bombs later that day. Three surviving British transports and the one tanker will reach Malta later this day; a fourth transport will reach the island on 14 August.

Big Talk

That angry-looking bird is a roadrunner, if you care.


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S.S. Irish Rose To The Rescue

WED 12 AUG 1942
Light cruiser Cleveland (CL-55), on her shakedown cruise in Chesapeake Bay, tests the newly developed proximity fuzed antiaircraft projectiles for the first time under simulated combat conditions; she destroys all three target drones with four proximity bursts.

Seven survivors of U.S. schooner Wawaloam, sunk by German submarine U-86 on 6 August, are rescued by steamship Irish Rose, which transfers them subsequently to British corvette HMS Campanula.

Operation PEDESTAL: attacks by German and Italian aircraft continue on large British convoy (which includes within its composition U.S. freighters Almeria Lykes and Santa Elisa), bound for Malta (see 13 August).

Submarine Pickerel (SS-177) is damaged by depth charges off the Marianas, 16°19'S, 145°23'E, but remains on patrol.

USAAF B-17s damage Japanese oiler Matsumoto Maru.

State Of Emergency
Sat. Afternoon Bandstand!

Charlottesville White Nationalist Rally Violence Prompts State of Emergency

People fly into the air as a vehicle drives into a group of protesters demonstrating against a white
nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on Aug. 12, 2017. The nationalists were holding the rally
to protest plans by the city of Charlottesville to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.
There were several hundred protesters marching in a long line when the car drove into a group of them.
Ryan M. Kelly / The Daily Progress via AP

Joe Gibbs and The Professionals - State of Emergency - 10 - State of Emergency

Curiously, on the same album,

Joe Gibbs and The Professionals - State of Emergency - 13 - Stone Wall Jackson

one of the objects of controversy in Charlottesville.
A statue depicting Confederate general Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson stands in downtown Charlottesville.
Photo: Ryan M. Kelly/The Daily Progress

Grudging Flattery
& The Half-Wit Princess

The truth is told about Ivanova Trumperella Kushner.
Harriet Agerholm / The Independent:
Indian diplomat likens Ivanka Trump to ‘half-wit Saudi prince’ ahead of summit where she will lead US delegation

Friday, August 11, 2017

Operation PEDESTAL Continues

TUE 11 AUG 1942
Operation PEDESTAL: large British convoy (which includes in its composition U.S. freighters Almeria Lykes and Santa Elisa), bound for Malta, its presence determined by Axis aerial reconnaissance, comes under attack from Luftwaffe JU 88s and HE 111s (see 12-13 August).

Thursday, August 10, 2017

"Time Passes ..."

We were laboring under the impression malls & retail were history (Alright, we read a headline to that effect & a few paragraphs before boredom set in.) but in Irwindale drag racing history is probably going to be replaced by a new mall.
“A project of this nature could not only help the city, but also the region,” Irwindale Community Development Director Gus Romo told the Pasadena Star News in 2015. “It has a capacity of bringing in revenue to the general fund and we believe it will be a catalyst to development around the center.”
You tell 'em, Gus. "Could ... a capacity of bringing in revenue ("It could happen!") ... we believe ... catalyst yada yada." Insufferable.

Musical reference:
Alphabet/Google/ appears effed up; if it doesn't start at (12:48) move it there. Or don't bother at all. (Dunno why I arse myself, myself.)

Schadenfreude Report

Dr. Inside-The-Congress-Trading gets a dose of "incivility" at the old ball game.
Jacqueline Thomsen / The Hill:
Price booed as he throws out first pitch at Nationals game  —  Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price  —  was booed as he threw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals Game on Wednesday.  —  Price was reportedly met with boos and only a few cheers when he took the mound …
You can imagine my maniacal laughter.

Revenge From Beneath The Waves

MON 10 AUG 1942
Submarine S-44 (SS-155) sinks Japanese heavy cruiser Kako near Kavieng, 02°15'S, 152°15'E, as Kako retires from the Battle of Savo Island.

Operation PEDESTAL: British convoy, WS 21S, formed around 13 transports and cargo ships (which include U.S. freighters Almeria Lykes and Santa Elisa) and one tanker transits Straits of Gibraltar, bound for Malta. Royal Navy cover and escort forces include a total of two battleships, four aircraft carriers, seven light cruisers and 25 destroyers (see 11-13 August).

Today's Republican Morality

Fuck every last one of these disgusting (And stupid; ever heard of birth control, adulterous scum?) pigs to hell.
Emily Smith / Page Six:
Ex-Trump staffers reveal love child after campaign trail sex scandal  —  The very first sex scandal of Donald Trump's presidency has just resulted in the birth of a love child.  —  Married former White House communications director Jason Miller has fathered a son with Trump transition adviser …

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Savo Island

SUN 9 AUG 1942
Battle of Savo Island: Japanese force of seven cruisers and one destroyer (Vice Admiral Mikawa Gunichi) approaches west of Savo Island, Solomons, undetected. The defeat is one of the worst ever inflicted on the U.S. Navy. Allied ships depart Guadalcanal area. Japanese vessels temporarily control waters around Guadalcanal. Heavy cruiser Astoria (CA-34) is sunk by gunfire of Japanese heavy cruisers Chokai, Aoba, Kinugasa, and Kako. Quincy (CA-39) is sunk by gunfire of heavy cruisers Aoba, Kako and Furutaka and light cruiser Tenryu and is torpedoed by light cruiser Yubari.
IJN YUBARI opens fire on the American cruisers ASTORIA, QUINCY and VINCENNES.
No further info given.
Vincennes (CA-44) is sunk by gunfire and torpedo from heavy cruiser Chokai, and gunfire from Kako, Aoba, and Kinugasa, and light cruiser Yubari. The fourth Allied ship lost off Savo is Australian heavy cruiser HMAS Canberra which, badly damaged by Japanese gunfire, is scuttled by destroyer Selfridge (DD-357).

U.S. ships damaged are heavy cruiser Chicago (CA-29) by Kako; destroyer Ralph Talbot (DD-390) by Furutaka, Yubari, and Tenryu; and destroyer Patterson (DD-392) by Yubari and Tenryu. U.S. gunfire damages Chokai (from Quincy and Astoria); Kinugasa (by Vincennes); Aoba (by Quincy) and Tenryu (by Chicago and Patterson).
"Battle of Savo Island in Guadalcanal" by Yoshio Shimizu 1944
Destroyer Jarvis (DD-393), damaged the previous day, is mistaken as an "Achilles-class cruiser" and attacked by Japanese land attack planes (Misawa Kokutai) and torpedoed 200 nautical miles southeast of Tulagi, 09°42'S, 158°59'E. Jarvis puts up a stout fight, splashing two of the attacking planes; a third ditches due to battle damage. There are, however, no survivors from the destroyer, which is lost with all hands.

German submarine U-98 completes laying mines off mouth of St. Johns River, east of Jacksonville, Florida.

Enough Already? You Betcha!

A Large "If" Indeed

The question

What If Nazi Germany Had Built the Atomic Bomb?

To which we answer, examine the following, direct from the fascists' microphones & lenses, then ask yourself "What makes anyone think they didn't?"

Desert Rock I:

Exercise Desert Rock - Report #177 1951

Here, U.S. Marines are exposed to dangerous radiation.

Exercise Desert Rock V: Operation Upshot-Knothole, 17 MAR 1953

To be fair, total Nazis might have nuked North Carolina after blowing Nevada up real good.

"Exercise Flash Burn" The Big Picture TV-266

Or Louisiana.

Operation Sagebrush: The Big Picture TV-327

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Dog +1

SAT 8 AUG 1942
Marines wrest control of Tulagi, Gavutu, and Tanambogo, Solomons, from tenacious Japanese resistance. Unfinished airstrip on Guadalcanal is captured and named "Henderson Field" in honor of the late Major Lofton R. Henderson, USMC, who was killed while leading VMSB 241 in the gallant but unsuccessful attack on Japanese carrier Hiryu at Midway on 4 June 1942. Coastwatchers report incoming raid. During fierce Japanese aerial assault by land attack planes (4th and Misawa Kokutais) on invasion shipping, destroyer Jarvis (DD-393) and transport George F. Elliott (AP-13), 09°10'S, 160°10'E are torpedoed. The latter, also crashed by a Japanese plane, is later scuttled by destroyer Hull (DD-350). Another crashing bomber damages transport Barnett (AP-11), 09°13'S, 160°01'E.

Submarine Narwhal (SS-167) sinks Japanese crab boat Bifuku Maru southeast of Shiriya Zaki, at northeast tip of Honshu. 41°14'N, 141°32'E.

Submarine S-38 (SS-143), despite presence of escorting minesweeper W.21, sinks Japanese transport Meiyo Maru at southern entrance of St. George Channel, between New Britain and New Ireland, 04°52'S, 152°42'E.

Submarine Silversides (SS-236), attacking Japanese convoy emerging from Kobe harbor, torpedoes and sinks merchant cargo ship Nikkei Maru in Kii Suido, near Ichiya Zaki, 33°33'N, 135°23'E.

Destroyers Mustin (DD-413) and Morris (DD-417) are damaged in collision during night maneuvers in Hawaiian Operating Area.
German submarine U-98 mines waters off Jacksonville, Florida.

U.S. freighter Kaimoku, en route to Liverpool in convoy SC 94, is torpedoed and sunk by shellfire of German submarine U-379 at 56°32'N, 32°15'W. Two of the 36-man crew die in the attack, as do two of the 14-man Armed Guard. Canadian corvette HMCS Battleford rescues survivors.

This Date In History

President Nixon waves goodbye with both hands as he boards his Marine One helicopter
for the last time on the South lawn of the White House August 9, 1974.
Six yrs. & a day from nomination to resignation. Coincidence? Or karma?
Nixon and Agnew receive the Republican Party nomination»
Vice President Agnew under attack»
Nixon announces that he will resign the Presidency»
Extra amusing: All under the "VIETNAM WAR" rubric. File under "Slow Coup".

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Guadalcanal Overkill


U.S.M.C. Footage

Richard Frank "Guadalcanal: The First Offensive"

CRUSADE IN THE PACIFIC EPISODE 7 "Guadalcanal: America's First Offensive"

James D. Hornfischer, author of Neptune's Inferno, at the Marines' Memorial Club for the Commemoration Luncheon for the 70th Anniversary of the Battle for Guadalcanal on August 7, 2012.Just read said Neptune's Inferno The U.S. Navy At Guadalcanal. Absolutely worth downloading from the Public Library, & might well be worth a trip to the library if you are literate, dig that sort of thing & still leave the house occasionally.

Veterans thereof narrating stills for close to an hr. & 25 mins. at the Surface Navy Association 2011 Naval Heritage Program.

Newsreel filler:

At Last, Some Action!

FRI 7 AUG 1942
Operation WATCHTOWER: 1st Marine Division (Major General Alexander A. Vandegrift, USMC) lands on Florida, Tulagi, Gavutu, Tanambogo, and Guadalcanal, in the first American land offensive of the war. Amphibious Force, South Pacific (Rear Admiral Richmond K. Turner) lands the Leathernecks under cover of naval surface and air forces (Vice Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher). Landings are supported by carrier and shore-based aircraft (Rear Admiral Leigh Noyes and Rear Admiral John S. McCain). Overall commander is Vice Admiral Robert L. Ghormley, Commander South Pacific Force; officer in tactical command is Vice Admiral Fletcher. During Japanese air attacks on the transport force and its escorts off Guadalcanal, destroyer Mugford (DD-389) is damaged by carrier [dive] bomber (2nd Kokutai), 09°00'S, 160°00'E. Following shore bombardment operations in Tulagi Bay, light cruiser San Juan (CL-54) is damaged by explosion in one of her forward 5-inch gun mounts.

TG 8.6 (Rear Admiral William W. Smith) bombards Kiska, Aleutians.

Submarine Tambor (SS-198) sinks Japanese auxiliary netlayer Shofuku Maru off Wotje, Marshalls, 09°25'N, 170°11'E.
Here's some phonus-balonus digital shit from History.Victory at Sea:

UNCOMMON VALOR - Battle for Guadalcanal:

This Is Guadalcanal:Filler:

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75 Yrs. Ago In Submarining

THU 6 AUG 1942
Submarine Tautog (SS-199) sinks Japanese army transport Ohio Maru in South China Sea about 250 miles east-northeast of Cam Ranh Bay, French Indochina, 13°51'N, 113°15'E.

Unarmed U.S. schooner Wawaloam, en route to St. John's, Newfoundland, is sunk by shellfire of German submarine U-86 at 39°18'N, 55°44'W, but suffers no casualties to the six-man crew and the sole passenger (see 12 August).

The Way We Roll Now


The Big Picture:
"Why Can't We Use 'Em?"

The Atom Soldier - 1955

TV 393 – Individual Protection Against Atomic Attack
TV 394 – Pentomic Army
TV 396 – Atomic Battlefield
Bombs away, suckers!

Sun Day

Saturday, August 5, 2017

U.S.S. Bwa-zay At Sea

WED 5 AUG 1942
Light cruiser Boise (CL-47), in the course of her deception mission, launches two SOCs to search the area. Despite repeated efforts to do so, however, the planes do not find the ship upon their return. Radio silence is broken, thus compromising the operation, and the ship returns to Pearl Harbor, but the Japanese believe that a major U.S. task force is close to the homeland.
Submarine Greenling (SS-213), attacking Japanese shipping about 150 miles north-northwest of Truk, sinks transport Brazil Maru, 09°50'N, 150°38'E, and merchant passenger-cargo ship Palau Maru, 09°04'N, 150°54'E.

M. Bouffant's Nauseatingly
American Bandstand W/ Baseball

Y'all sho' nuff gotta give these X kids credit: 40 yrs. on none of them are dead, & the original line-up still (after various vacations & hiatuses) play together w/o any reports of intraband fisticuffs. (May still be desperate.) Dick Clark's Fake American Bandstand 35 yrs. ago:Wk. after next the (currently) dangerous Dodgers will celebrate/salute/exploit them.
Long-running L.A. punk band X will be saluted by the Dodgers during an Aug. 16 game against the Chicago White Sox* at which bassist and co-lead singer John Doe is slated to sing the National Anthem.

In addition, singer Exene Cervenka is in line to throw out a ceremonial first pitch.

The full band — also including guitarist Billy Zoom and drummer D.J. Bonebrake — is scheduled to be interviewed during the pre-game show.
Brought to our attention by laist. Pics, also.
"Somebody in the Dodgers' back office deserves a raise. Go to any ballpark in the country and you won't see nearly the diversity in the stands that we have here at Dodger Stadium," longtime Dodgers fan and Silver Lake resident Ben Cooley told LAist. "But honoring X is kind of the coolest, smallest hat tip to a corner of L.A.'s cultural history that makes me love this team back. Go Dodgers!"
No bobbleheads?

Two favorites to get your head bobbling:Synchronicity Dep't.: American Bandstand swept the nation for the first time 60 yrs. ago this date, also a Saturday!
Television, rock and roll and teenagers. In the late 1950s, when television and rock and roll were new and when the biggest generation in American history was just about to enter its teens, it took a bit of originality to see the potential power in this now-obvious combination. The man who saw that potential more clearly than any other was a 26-year-old native of upstate New York named Dick Clark, who transformed himself and a local Philadelphia television program into two of the most culturally significant forces of the early rock-and-roll era. His iconic show, American Bandstand, began broadcasting nationally on this day in 1957, beaming images of clean-cut, average teenagers dancing to the not-so-clean-cut Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” to 67 ABC affiliates across the nation.

The show that evolved into American Bandstand began on Philadephia’s WFIL-TV in 1952, a few years before the popular ascension of rock and roll. Hosted by local radio personality Bob Horn, the original Bandstand nevertheless established much of the basic format of its later incarnation. In the first year after Dick Clark took over as host in the summer of 1956, Bandstand remained a popular local hit, but it took Clark’s ambition to help it break out. When the ABC television network polled its affiliates in 1957 for suggestions to fill its 3:30 p.m. time slot, Clark pushed hard for Bandstand, which network executives picked up and scheduled for an August 5, 1957 premiere.

Renamed American Bandstand, the newly national program featured a number of new elements that became part of its trademark, including the high school gym-like bleachers and the famous segment in which teenage studio guests rated the newest records on a scale from 25 to 98 and offered such criticisms as “It’s got a good beat, and you can dance to it.” But the heart of American Bandstand always remained the sound of the day’s most popular music combined with the sight of the show’s unpolished teen “regulars” dancing and showing off the latest fashions in clothing and hairstyles.

American Bandstand aired five days a week in live national broadcast until 1963, when the show moved west to Los Angeles and began a 24-year run as a taped weekly program with Dick Clark as host.

*I Can Still Remember Dep't.: When the cheap seats in the Top Deck (above the Vin Scully Press Box) were US$6.00. Now the least expensive are US$25.00. Even the cheap left field side of the "Pavilion" (known as the bleachers in other parks) starts at US$30.00.

Friday, August 4, 2017

"Singing Brakeman" Jimmie Rodgers Discovered 90 Yrs. Ago

Hell of a hoe-down:
The Father of Country Music, Jimmie Rodgers, is recorded for the very first time on August 4, 1927, during the legendary Bristol Sessions.

The term “country music” did not exist in the summer of 1927, when Ralph Peer, an engineer and talent scout for the Victor Talking Machine Company of Camden, New Jersey, set up a makeshift recording studio in the upper floors of an empty warehouse in Bristol, Tennessee. He was preparing for what Johnny Cash would later call “The single most important event in the history of country music.”

The historic 12-day marathon now known as “the Bristol Sessions” began on July 25 with a recording session with Ernest Stoneman, one of the few established names in what was then known as “hillbilly music.” It continued with a string of mostly unknown musicians drawn to the railroad town of Bristol, on the Virginia-Tennessee border, by newspaper stories and advertisements promising $50 for any song Ralph Peer chose to record. Peer’s efforts would have been judged a resounding success even if he’d stopped after August 1, when he recorded an unknown act called the Carter Family—a group that would come to be known as the First Family of country music. But on August 4, 1927, the Bristol Sessions took on truly historic dimensions when an itinerant, tubercular blues yodeler from rural Mississippi, named Jimmie Rodgers walked into Peer’s studio. The recording session that followed would lay the foundation for Rodgers’s undisputed status as the “Father of Country Music.”

Born in 1897 and raised back and forth between southeast Mississippi and southwest Alabama, Jimmie Rodgers followed his father into the railroad business, where he would earn one of his several famous nicknames, “the Singing Brakeman.” When tuberculosis forced Rodgers off the railroad in the mid-1920s, he began to pursue his longstanding passion for music professionally, first making a name for himself in western North Carolina through weekly appearances on WWNC out of Asheville. It was his decision to travel roughly 100 miles north through the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Bristol Sessions, however, that would make his career.

In his first-ever recording session on this day in 1927, Rodgers cut two test recordings, “The Soldier’s Sweetheart” and “Sleep, Baby, Sleep,” which were released two months later on the Victor label to moderate success. His follow-up session in October 1927 in Camden, however, yielded “Blue Yodel,” his first smash hit and the song that launched him on a short but brilliant career as a recording, radio and movie star. Rodgers died at the age of 35 of a lung hemorrhage on May 26, 1933.

Ooops! "Friendly" Mines

TUE 4 AUG 1942
Destroyer Tucker (DD-374), uninformed of its presence, is sunk in U.S. minefield laid the previous day
by Gamble (DM-15), Breese (DM-18), and Tracy (DM-19), in Segond Channel, Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides. Chartered transport President Coolidge is also lost as the result of striking a mine in the same field. [Not, however, until 26 October 1942, per the Wiki.]

Submarine Narwhal (SS-167) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Fukuyama Maru, 40°26'N, 141°50'E.

M.O.I. Referenced

At Hullabaloo by Tom Sullivan.
Entropy cannot be stopped, or even delayed.
Anticipating (anxiously) an actual Augustian agony.
And you thought you could relax this month? In the August 8th edition of the Wall Street Journal, Andrew Roberts writes, "What is it about the month of August? Why should we still persist in regarding it as a quiet time--with Congress in recess, business slowed down, and people on holiday--when so many world-historical events take place in this month?"


It's a major month for war, and he lists some of the conflicts that began in August: World War I (August 4, 1914); Hitler invaded Poland (August 31st, 1939); Bombs dropped on Hiroshima (August 1945); Vietnam War began (August 1964)*; Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia, August 1968); Invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein (August 1990).

Other August conflicts: The Berlin Wall was built in August 1961 and Nelson Mandela was arrested in August 1962. China's Cultural Revolution began in August of 1966. Did the invaders think that their opponents would be caught napping? Roberts has a theory about this. He writes: "(An) explanation might be that principal political decision-makers often take vacations in August, leaving less competent lieutenants in control." For instance, "When Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev went on holiday in August, 1991, he found that the people he left behind in Moscow were so incompetent that they failed to detect a full-scale coup growing."
One more? Sure. August '65: The Watts Rebellion. Just sayin'.🙊

When the alleged leader & Incompetence Poster Boy is on yet another vacation is this Once-Great Nation of Ours™ in a better crisis-avoidance position? Or is some fool jarhead general going to start blowing things up? Fingers crossed, wood knocked-upon & breath bated, but w/ the age of instantaneous & idiotic communication fully upon us, Trump's less incompetent lieutenants can be over-ruled (or encouraged to drop the big one) from a cottage in Bedminster, New Joisey as easily as from the tee vee room at the Executive Mansion.
Son Of Orange County/More Trouble Every Day
Long/eternal (like the Dreadful Grate) jam for a Friday freak-out/wknd. wig-out!

*For the American imperialists, perhaps, in terms of troop committment, but for the long-suffering people of Vietnam, the struggle against European colonialism began in the 16th century with the arrival of Portuguese in 1516 and other European traders and missionaries.[31].

Unnatural Disaster?

Fake Newsweek smears Trump as lazy sod. Read & weep/laugh hysterically.
I remember I always felt bad when I did any work.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

No Atlantic Action

MON 3 AUG 1942
Light minelayers Gamble (DM-15), Breese (DM-18) and Tracy (DM-19) lay minefield off western entrance of Segond Channel, Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides. [Will not end well. Check back tomorrow. — Editor]

Submarine Gudgeon (SS-211) sinks Japanese transport Naniwa Maru, 07°37'N, 150°11'E.

Hot Hot ... Hotter Than Hell!

For the more cosmopolitan of our audience, that's 41.888889°C & 41.777778°C, respectively.
According to the Los Angeles Times, the average nighttime temperature for July in Death Valley was 95 [35C] degrees. Daytime highs? 119.6 [48.666667C] degrees. “It looks like there were a couple of days below 115 [46.1111C],” Alex Boothe, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, told the Times.

Death Valley clocked the highest temperature ever recorded at 134 [56.6667] degrees. The record was hit in June of 1913. On June 24 of this year, the park hit a high of 127 [52.7778C] degrees.

"Trumpicidal"? Th' Hell?

Honest to Gawd, you shouldn't click, but the amount of bitchin' & tweetin' over a tire is astonishing. And let's face it, "Fearless Conservative Firebrand" is Dumbest Man on the iNternet-speak for obnoxious attention-seeking loudmouth (as you can determine from the amount of whining) so it's likely that someone at whom Laura (One of Superman's "L.L." girlfriends?) Loomer mouthed off simply because it's her nature slit the tire (or didn't; photographic evidence is debatable) w/o any political motivation.

Jim Hoft / The Gateway Pundit:
Fearless Conservative Firebrand Laura Loomer Has Car Tires Slashed
What can I say but:
Oh. This person:
Loomer, 24, made international headlines in June when she made a visit to the stage during a trumpicidal production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in New York City’s Central Park, yelling, “Do you want Trump to be assassinated?”
I was right about attention seeking loudmouth.

And an update/cop-out from the horse's mouth/patoot:
UPDATED: A mechanic called us to say the tires may not have been slashed. This may have been a blowout.
Srsly, every one of these people except the honest mechanic should go fuck themselves.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

75 Yrs. Ago In Local Ugliness

On this day in 1942, Jose Diaz is murdered, and his body is found at the Sleepy Lagoon reservoir, near Los Angeles, California. Two days later, police began to round up and arrest 22 men of Mexican descent in the Los Angeles area for conspiring to kill Diaz. Despite a lack of evidence, the 22 men were eventually prosecuted for beating Diaz to death. The trial and subsequent convictions characterized a period of racial prejudice and injustice in Los Angeles during World War II.

Media coverage surrounding the trial was particularly troubling. The Los Angeles Examiner [A Hearst paper. Surprise! — M.B.] referred to young Mexican Americans as “hoodlums.” A captain from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s office told a grand jury that Mexicans had a “biological tendency” to be violent since they were descendants of Indian tribes who practiced human sacrifice. He went on to say that they had a “total disregard for human life” and an inbred “desire to use a knife or some lethal weapon. In other words, [a Mexican’s] desire is to kill, or at least, let blood.”
It got worse.

If the Wiki is to be trusted (Probably not; compare & contrast: Where was "Sleepy Lagoon", Commerce, or Bell? Map here.) Sleepy Lagoon was named after this Harry James Fox Trot.