Sunday, July 16, 2017

You Say "Mentally Challenged",
I Say "Cretinous Sub-Human Retards"

What a sad collection of moronic imbeciles we're stuck w/. Even their crooked & corrupt att'y. admits they can't be allowed to go anywhere w/o minders.
A few days ago, I predicted that we would soon arrive at the stage where Trump supporters would be arguing that “The Trump’s [sic*] deserve our pity rather than our contempt. Where was Obama to help them? They are a family of mentally challenged individuals with no experience following the law.”

It seems we’re getting close to that.

Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow now says the Secret Service, in addition to ensuring the physical security of candidates, should protect the candidate, the candidate’s advisors and even the candidate’s family from their own potential criminal wrongdoing – a seriously expanded brief!

*Speaking of cretins, c'mon Marshall, are you in third grade? Learn the proper use of the apostrophe already.

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