Monday, July 17, 2017

Today In Germophobic Assholery

EXCLUSIVE: Trump the foul-mouthed germophobe fired Chris Christie because New Jersey governor arranged for Obama to call his phone NOT The Donald's on election night

  • A new book reveals how Trump fell out with his then transition boss Chris Christie over whose cellphone to use on election night
  • Christie had arranged for Obama to call his number if Trump won - but germophobe Trump didn't want to use the New Jersey governor's cell
  • Jared Kushner removed Christie from his role running the Trump transition in the wake of the row  
  • Devil's Bargain also reveals how Trump fell out with Paul Manafort, his now under investigation campaign chair, over a new story about Trump advisers
  • Trump accused Manafort of treating him 'like a baby' when it was claimed campaign officials did TV interviews to get their boss's attention
  • Book reveals Trump did not think of and was 'indifferent' to signature policy to build a wall until he unveiled it in Iowa in January 2015 and crowd 'went nuts'
All from The Daily Mail.
Christie said: 'Hey Donald. The President talked to me earlier' - the two had gotten to know each other after Superstorm Sandy. Christie said: 'If you win he's going to call my phone, and I'll pass it over to you'.

Trump 'flashed a look of annoyance, clearly resenting the intrusion' and was repulsed by the idea of having somebody else's phone next to his face.

Trump told Christie: 'Hey Chris, you know my fucking phone number. Just give it to the President. I don't want your fucking phone'.
One thing about germophobes: Their resistance is usually lower because they try so hard to avoid "germs", so there may be higher likelihood that Trump will catch a flesh-eating bacteria & die. Assuming any germs could eat through the layers of spray tan/make-up/whatever to consume his miserable aged flesh.


Weird Dave said...

One of my fondest wishes is to sneeze on him...

M. Bouffant said...

Medical Editor:
Don't get carried away, this might happen: Billy Crystal Sneezed So Hard He Tore A Rib Muscle
Read more:

Weird Dave said...

A small price to pay...