Monday, July 10, 2017

Hot Hot, Hotter Than Hell!

Baseball's All-Star break; we are a bit over halfway through both the baseball season & the entire yr., & how about those Dodgers? Brooklyn's former Beloved Bums are as hot as the L.A. air*, & the crowds go wild!
Of course this sudden hotness may have something to w/ the baseballs being more tightly-wound (And who isn't these days?) this season, & we expect things to return to closer to average after the break, when the schedule for our boys of summer looks rougher, esp. in August. And while it may have more to do w/ said bouncing ball, we get the feeling that Dodger pitching may not be as reliable as in recent seasons, & this may be the last chance for the team as currently constituted to get to the Fall Classic.

*Temp. in-bunker has ranged from 87-88°F. (30.5-31.1°C. for the civilized world) since Sat.

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