Sunday, July 23, 2017

Another Wk. Of Typing* Ahead

Doing "Mike's Blog Round-Up" (Who was this mysterious Mike, anyway?) chez CROOKS AND LIARS this Mon., that is, tomorrow, 24 July through Sun. 30 July.

(Sweet Blood Of Jesus, everything is an imposition innit, including the autonomous brain functions that keep this reporter breathing. Stop already. I'm tired.)

So if you're the kind of early '00s person who still uses a web-log, rather than spewing on a more contemporary platform like Facespace, Tweeter, CrapChat, InstaShit or whatever, good for you & watch out; I may send you viral. (Not actually. No one reads this or anything worthwhile these days. We're merely voices in the wilderness.)

Really shouldn't complain, as this is as legit an excuse as any (NOT THAT I FUCKING NEED ONE! "I don't owe you fuckers anything & all I've got to say is ...") not to bother typing anything beyond historical extracts around this dump. (That, &/or not being able to pay all of the cable telebision/iNternet bill. See 23 June through 2 July this yr. Good thing I scheduled the 1942 crap. Note to self: Better get started on August '42 before it's too late.)

Reality check: Thanks again to tengrain, for suggesting me, & to Blue Gal, for going along.
*FULL DISCLOSURE: It's really just advanced hunting & pecking.

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