Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Another Homophobic Snowflake

Lobbyist files nuisance lawsuit.
The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Washington by Chris Sevier, who describes himself in the lawsuit as a “former Judge Advocate General, combat Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, DC lobbyist, overseas missionary, whistleblower and recording artist.”


The suit “respectfully asks” that a judge force the four lawmakers to “remove the Gay Pride Rainbow Colored Flag on display.”


In his complaint, Sevier said that he feels unwelcome in public areas of federal buildings where rainbow flags are displayed and is unable to approach the defendants to perform his lobbying duties.

According to news reports, Sevier has filed suit in Utah and other states demanding the right to marry his laptop computer, in light of the same- sex marriage ruling.
Who's the "Safe Place Sissy" here?

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