Thursday, June 22, 2017

Today's Double Standard: Epically Trolled Or Ruthlessly Mocked?

Perfectly fine for Tim Tebow to open his yap about his "faith", but Gawd forbid anyone exercise their First Amendment rights concerning Tebow's outspoken idiocy.
Derrek Asberry / Post and Courier: Charleston RiverDogs: ‘Our intent was not to offend anyone’ by poking fun at Tim Tebow
I'd have a lot more faith in The Big Fucking Killer In The Sky if Tebow had been able to hold a gig on a National Football League team; instead he finds himself playing minor league ball for the Class A Columbia Fireflies in the South Atlantic League. Jesus loves you, right Tim?

The Weekly Standard thing is worth a click; by a RiverDogs season ticket holder, & politics-free.

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