Monday, June 12, 2017

Today In Trump & His Toadies,
Or, Latest In Lickspittlery

Short take from C.P. Pierce, or get all the deets. We actually read the C.N.B.C. item just below, it's short & simple.
John Harwood / CNBC:
Trump makes bizarre claims at press event as Cabinet members take turns praising him  — Trump said that few presidents have passed more legislation than he has, though Congress has passed no major legislation since he has been president  —  Since taking office in January …
 Chris Cillizza / CNN:
Donald Trump just held the weirdest Cabinet meeting ever  —  (CNN)Leave it to Donald Trump to reinvent the Cabinet meeting.  —  The public portion of these gatherings of all of the president's top advisers are usually staid affairs.  Photographers are let in to take pictures.
Gawd, what a sad joke. Are these fawning freaks physically afraid of Trump? I can't imagine any other reason to say
such things; then again, this reporter is a relatively normal American, not a Republican at the trough.

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Weird Dave said...

I learned a new word today: sycophancy* or a symphony of sycophants.

*Yes, I know it's the act of being a sycophant. Close enough.