Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Today In Nausea

That vegan bull is fading.

Santa Monica's Erven Is No Longer A
Vegan-Only Restaurant

Shove it, chef!

Not that I give one sweet fuck about restaurants in Santa Monica. And speaking of restaurants about which I don't give a fuck (All of them, really.) what's the deal w/ these Golden Corral dumps I see advertised all the fucking time all over the fucking telebision? Never seen one in real life, as I am an urbane sophisticate not likely to find himself in such down-scale shitholes as Bellflower & Downey. Corral? Do they serve horsemeat, or just the product one is most likely to find in a corral, road apples, deep-fried in grease & drowned in sugar before being served to the lower middle-class schlubs who eat there?

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