Thursday, June 22, 2017

"There are no survivors ..."

MON 22 JUN 1942
Unarmed U.S. tanker E.J. Sadler is shelled by German submarine U-159 about 175 miles south of the Windward Passage, 15°36'N, 67°52'W, and abandoned. After the 36 survivors take to their lifeboats, a boarding party from U-159 sinks the tanker with demolition charges (see 23 June).

Gulf of Mexico
Unarmed U.S. tanker Rawleigh Warner is torpedoed by German submarine U-67 approximately 40 miles south of South Pass, Louisiana, 28°53'N, 89°15'W; ignition of the ship's cargo of 38,909 barrels of gasoline incinerates the ship and her crew. There are no survivors from the 33 merchant seamen who comprise her complement.

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