Saturday, June 17, 2017

More Nazi Spies Sneak Ashore

WED 17 JUN 1942
German submarine U-202 puts four agents ashore on Ponte Vedra Beach, south of Jacksonville, Florida; fishermen discover the landing. Subsequently, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents capture the Germans.

U.S. freighter Columbian is attacked by what she believes is a German submarine at 07°18'N, 41°03'W; although the ship is damaged by shell fragments and machine gun fire, Armed Guard gunfire drives off her attacker without further incident. Columbian suffers no casualties among her 42-man merchant complement or 17-man Armed Guard.

U.S. freighter Millinocket is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-129 off the north coast of Cuba, 23°12'N, 79°58'W; nine of 29 merchant seamen perish, as do 2 of the 6-man Armed Guard. U-129's captain briefly questions the survivors and then provides the Americans with a first aid kit for the wounded (see 18 June).

U.S. collier Santore, in convoy KS 511, strikes mine laid by German submarine U-701 off Virginia Beach, Virginia, 36°52'N, 75°51'W; three merchant seaman are lost. Survivors (34 merchant sailors and the 9-man Armed Guard) are rescued by the Coast Guard.

Survivors (37 merchant seamen and 13 Armed Guard sailors) from U.S. freighter West Hardaway, torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-502 on 15 June, reach Margarita Island, Venezuela.

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