Saturday, June 24, 2017

Manuela Sinks Under Tow

WED 24 JUN 1942
Three PBYs bring out remainder of submarine S-27 (SS-132)'s crew from Constantine Harbor.

Unarmed tug John R. Williams, bound for Cape May, New Jersey, is sunk by mine laid by German submarine U-373 on 11 June. Only four men from the 18-man crew survive the sinking at 38°45'N, 74°55'W; they are rescued by district patrol vessel YP-334 and taken to Lewes, Delaware.

U.S. freighter Manuela is torpedoed by German submarine U-404 at 34°30'N, 75°40'W and abandoned. Three of the 36-man merchant complement perish in the attack. The survivors, 33 merchant seamen and the 6-man Armed Guard, are rescued by British armed trawler HMS Norwich City and Coast Guard cutter CG-483. Manuela sinks the following day while being towed to Morehead City, North Carolina.

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