Thursday, June 1, 2017

Every Voter Is Brain-Dead

They're not man enough to say it, but it's the gist of this democracy-is-a-sad-joke conversation.

Everything's sooo complicated, & the 'tards just can't keep up. Probably because they're illiterate. And stupid.

Gawd a-mighty I'm tired of cretins ruining everything. When can we stop them?

Added: It isn't just the voters who are cretins, of course:
I’ve suggested two possible explanations for each of these errors: Either the president did not know an obvious detail, or he was told it and forgot. But there’s a third possibility: He was told, but he wasn’t listening. After all, Trump’s troubles with focus are well-known. The president’s attention span is so short that briefers have to insert his name more to keep his attention. It’s so short that NATO staffers reportedly asked other heads of state to keep their speeches short. Take it from Trump himself: “My attention span is short,” he wrote in 1990.

Whatever the reason, the result is a president who seems to have trouble learning fundamental facts even on the job. No conspiracy theory around Trump’s presidency is as frightening as this incompetence. The power of the presidency has reached extraordinary heights, and now that power lies in the hands of a man who, when confronted with risks, may simply tune out — or who may be dissuaded from danger, then forget in a few weeks why he was wrong and make the mistake anyway. “When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same,” Trump once said. Now the first-grader is driving the car, he doesn’t care to learn how to steer and the rest of us are trapped as passengers.

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