Monday, May 8, 2017

Training Film

Grand conclusion? Fog o' war, baby. No one knew nuthin'.Literally put me to sleep last night while I was composing this. Before the ennui gets you, amuse yourself w/ the Japanese accents & remember that not only is this an official U.S. Navy document, but Naval History & Heritage Command released it just four days ago.


VigiliusH said...

I have been enjoying the WW2 posts and these films are real gems. (I remember reading Morison's books about 50 years ago.) I do have a question- over the past few weeks I have been impressed with how many successful torpedo attacks have been reported by American submarines in the Pacific. My memory from the Morison books was that for the first six months of the war most of the American torpedoes just didn't work. Have I exaggerated these problems in my memory?

M. Bouffant said...

"You Are Correct" Editor:
I certainly remember trouble w/ U.S. torpedoes. There's a '50s submarine movie in which dud torpedoes were a big part of the plot, & I know I've read things to that effect, probably about as long ago as you did. New magnetic fuses that didn't blow up as advertised, I think.

And if fading memory serves, most WWII navies had trouble of one kind or another w/ torpedoes. Water is a tough medium.

Also too, dry as this stuff already is, reporting that the U.S.S. Whatever fired a bunch of duds (or just fired & missed) is not going to make the action report.