Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Musicale

This makes me feel old: Martyred U.S. President John F. Kennedy would have been 100 today had he not been martyred.
I'd like to see ol' J.F.K. risen from the dead & shambling along Pennsylvania Ave. (Or at the helm of PT-109, surfing a flood of Biblical proportions.) toward the Executive Mansion.
Like Trump, this reporter doesn't like losers. George S. Patton was right: The idea was to make some other dumb son-of-a-bitch die for his country, you stupid rotting corpses. Speaking of Nazis, this one's for the sacrificed war dead & for those who may not get enough north-western European high culture in these pages:
Honor our nation's soldiers in the New Era 2017 MLB Memorial Day 9TWENTY cap.
The unique military-style canvas crown is complemented by the camo-print brim.
Cheer for your favorite team over the long holiday weekend
while reminding others of the sacrifices made by many.
$30.00 (U.S.)

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