Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day Is Mistake Day

FRI 1 MAY 1942
Admiral William D. Leahy, USN (Ret.) ends service as Ambassador to Vichy France.

Submarine Grenadier (SS-210) mistakenly torpedoes and sinks Soviet merchant ship Angarstroi about 90 miles west-southwest of Nagasaki, Japan, 32°00'N, 129°25'E.

Submarine Triton (SS-201) torpedoes and sinks Japanese army cargo ship Calcutta Maru about 180 miles north-northwest of Formosa, 28°06'N, 123°47'E.

8th Defense Battalion arrives on Wallis Island, from Tutuila, Samoa.

British battleship HMS King George V accidentally collides with, and sinks, destroyer HMS Punjabi during operations out of Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands; battleship Washington (BB-56), unable to maneuver to clear the wreckage, has to steam through it. Punjabi's exploding depth charges cause some concussion damage to Washington's fire control systems.

Naval Base and Naval Auxiliary Air Facility, Great Exuma, Bahama Islands, and Naval Base, Grand Cayman, British West Indies, are established.

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