Friday, May 12, 2017

Made It, Ma! Top O' The World!

Lonely at the top? Not much longer, if trends continue.
Tracy Withers / Bloomberg:
New Zealand Population Surges Most Since World Turmoil of 1974  —  Record immigration drives 2.1% jump in year through March  —  ‘New Zealand is an island of calm in troubled waters’: Eaqub  —  The last time New Zealand's population grew this much, the world was reeling from an oil crisis …
On the other hand, there may be a whole damn new continent to fill up there.

Geologists spy an eighth continent: Zealandia

This mostly submerged world should be recognized alongside Africa, Australia and others,
argue some researchers.
Mostly submerged? Trivial detail.
I knew they were hiding some of their crust.

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