Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Day Off For The Pacific

SAT 9 MAY 1942
Operation BOWERY: In the second attempt to bolster fighter strength on besieged Malta, carrier Wasp (CV-7) launches 47 RAF Spitfires; British carrier HMS Eagle accompanies Wasp and launches 17 additional Spitfires. The success of the American carrier's second ferry mission prompts Prime Minister Churchill to observe: "Who said a Wasp couldn't sting twice?" Unlike the first ferry operation, the Spitfires are speedily serviced and readied for action, and take a heavy toll of Axis bombers on this day and the next. "Daylight raiding," Malta's war diary notes laconically, "was brought to an abrupt end."

Coast Guard cutter Icarus (WPC-110) sinks German submarine U-352 off Cape Lookout, North Carolina, 34°12'N, 76°35'W.

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