Saturday, May 27, 2017

David Frum Points & Laughs

Trump's Moral Holiday

Fourth and finally, May 25 witnessed the “day after” reaction of Republican and conservative talkers and politicians to the violent assault on a reporter by the Republican candidate in the Montana special House election, Greg Gianforte. A remarkable number of those talkers condoned the attack, either outright or by pointing to other bad things that have happened elsewhere on earth at various points in the past. Rush Limbaugh went furthest, theatrically condemning the attack—but denigrating the reporter as a “smug and arrogant" Millennial “pajama boy” (a hugely derisive term in the conservative political lexicon) and praising Gianforte as “manly and studly.” (It’s hard to miss in some of the commentary from Trump’s elderly base a nostalgic yearning for lost physical prowess—and intense resentment of the vitality of younger generations with different views.)
Also both-sides bullshit from 50 yrs. past.
Half a century ago, conservative commentators often blamed the riots of the 1960s on the “moral holiday” declared by permissive authorities. Leaders who might have delegitimized violence instead acquiesced in it, thus inviting more of it.
Cheese & crackers, Physician Frum, heal thyself: Does "pointing to other bad things that have happened elsewhere on earth" seem vaguely familiar?

And speaking of the vaguely familiar (if not an insufferably bad thing that happened) while typing this effing earworm appeared inside the brain, as if by the vilest of suggestive magic.
Cliff Richard - Summer Holiday
Did I see the film on the telly once & mercifully forget everything but the title tune?

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