Tuesday, May 2, 2017

CD-34 Local Action:
Say No To Robert Lee Ahn

By the time Calif.'s 34th Cong. District is decided in the 6 June special election I'll have voted six times in the yr. since June 2016's primary, four times in 2017 alone. (Once each month, March-June. Does not appear I'll have to participate in democracy this Nov.) Not that I hadn't already decided, but the s.o.b. who sent me this wafer-thin pot-holder
in a sad attempt to obligate me wasn't getting my vote even before this Crooks & Liars item about him revealed he was a Republican & is a sordid parasite who stole from wage-slaves at a carwash.

Paper of Record yada, if you can bring yourself to care.
One of these two Democrats will be L.A.'s next member of Congress.
Here's what you need to know
Robert Lee Ahn's 'misleading' mail tactics helped him get into L.A.'s congressional runoff. Will he use them again?

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