Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Promise, Not A Threat

Republican Policy Paper.
I will slit the mother-fucking throat of one Republican for each dollar Trump, Ryan or whoever cuts from the money I've earned by paying into F.I.C.A. for 30+ yrs. After all, I'll have nothing & be "urban camping" again, why shouldn't I administer as much justice as I can? They're going to kill me one way or another. Now that I've less than nothing to lose, I can fight back.
 Damian Paletta / Washington Post:
Trump to propose big cuts to safety-net in new budget, slashing Medicaid and opening door to other limits  —  President Trump's first major budget proposal on Tuesday will include massive cuts to Medicaid and call for changes to anti-poverty programs that would give states new power to limit …
 Stan Collender / Forbes:
This Week's Rollout Of Trump 2018 Budget Could Be His Biggest Failure Yet  —  Before you look at the headline and troll me for piling on the White House, kicking the Trump administration when its down or just stating what seems to be a very routine occurrence these days …
 Jonathan Swan / Axios:
Scoop: Trump budget to slash entitlements by $1.7 trillion  —  President Trump's 2018 budget proposal on Tuesday won't reform Social Security or Medicare — in line with his campaign promise — but it will make serious cuts to other entitlement programs.  A source with direct knowledge tells …
Hell, if I'm not paying rent, cable, iNternet or anything else, I may have enough money to buy guns & lots of ammo. (And honestly, why should I limit my targets to Republicans. In a democracy, every single one of you bastards are directly responsible, & should be held accountable. Not w/ bullshit "votes", either!)

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