Thursday, April 27, 2017

Threaten Trump On Twitter Thursday (Don't Worry, The S.S. Can't Do Shit)

POLITICO sez the SchutzstaffelSecret Service can't keep up w/ people telling the turkey what the hell's wrong w/ him & what they're going to do about it.
But law enforcement experts say the new Republican president has particularly upped his exposure levels through Twitter, with the missives emanating from his phone giving the masses the impression they can correspond directly with Trump.

“The Twitter thing is creating a lot of hassles,” said Dan Bongino, a former protective detail agent for presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. “It’s generated a tidal wave of threats that the Secret Service can’t ignore.”

Bongino, who has written a book on the Secret Service’s challenges in protecting Trump that’s scheduled for publication later this summer, said the Secret Service is ill-equipped to make its way through all the social media threats. It can’t tell Trump to stop tweeting. And it also is still haunted by the example of Sara Jane Moore, a woman who attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford in 1975 months after the Secret Service evaluated her but found she wasn’t a threat.

“It’s an arithmetic impossibility to interview every single person who sends a threat. It’s not possible,” he said. “By necessity they have to triage what’s credible and what’s not and it’s tough to do by just looking at a 140-character tweet.”


Trump — no stranger to hiring professional security — is trying to bring stability to the Secret Service. On Tuesday, he reached from outside the bureau’s professional ranks in naming retired Marine Major Gen. Randolph Alles as its new director. Former agents say Trump and his aides also appear more comfortable inside the protective bubble than previous presidents, noting that agents are often seen in public at arms’ length or closer to the president.

“You’re seeing them in pictures you never saw before because staffers aren’t telling them to get away,” Bongino said.
It's as if the flunkies know he should damn well be scared of the American people, & stay well w/in his empty little bubble. And a Major General Of Jarheads as the new head of a law enforcement agency is typical Trump foolishness. He seems easily impressed w/ uniforms, considering he knows more than all the generals because he went to military school. How long until perpetually shallow Trump appoints a meter reader or U.P.S. driver to some position because he thinks he looks good in his uniform?

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