Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Imposition Of Democracy

Up at the crack of about 1500 yesterday p.m., & managed to decide for whom I'd waste my vote & drop my vote-by-mail ballot at the polls by 1930-ish. Second time in less than a mo. I've had to vote, & if none of the 23 candidates in this special election for Cali.'s 34th Congressional District reach the magical 50%+1 we'll do it again in June. As I type the establishment candidate leads, but the guy who sent me a (rather thin) yellow potholder w/ his name on it is close behind.

As for Libertarian candidate Angela McArdle(!)
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not to worry: w/ over 70% of the precincts in, she has 217 votes, for a whopping 0.94%.

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