Friday, April 14, 2017

Spiders & Stats

This didn't get nearly enough coverage. (Maybe I mean it didn't cause enough hysteria to amuse me.)
Christopher Ingraham / Washington Post:
Spiders could theoretically eat every human on Earth in one year  —  Spiders are quite literally all around us.  A recent entomological survey of North Carolina homes turned up spiders in 100 percent of them, including 68 percent of bathrooms and more than three-quarters of bedrooms.
Yes, let's test this theory. Rigorously.

Food for thought: The entire human pop. displaces less than 400 million tons? (No idea what I would've estimated.)

Song notwithstanding, it is the policy of this web-log not to kill spiders, unless they might be some of those big brown bite-y ones that could kill you.

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