Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Nationality Unspecified

SUN 26 APR 1942
Submarine Pickerel (SS-177) damages Japanese hospital ship Takasugo Maru in Manipa Strait, Malay Archipelago, 03°00'S, 127°00'E.

Japanese transport No.2 Nankai Maru is damaged by aircraft (nationality unspecified), Shortland Island.

Destroyer Sturtevant (DD-240) is sunk by mine off Marquesas Key, Florida.

Unarmed U.S. freighter Alcoa Partner is torpedoed by German submarine U-66 approximately 80 miles northeast of Bonaire, N.W.I., at 13°32'N, 67°57'W; the ship's bauxite ore cargo causes the ship to sink before the men on board have time to launch boats. One boat floats free, however, and 25 men gather in it. Nine crewmen and a workaway, however, drown in the wake of the ship's loss. The survivors reach Bonaire the next day.

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