Sunday, April 23, 2017

More Atlantic Action:
Lammot Du Pont Goes Down

THU 23 APR 1942
Destroyer Greer (DD-145) rescues 24 survivors of U.S. freighter Robin Hood, sunk on 15 April by German submarine U-575, and transports them to Hamilton, Bermuda.

Destroyer Rowan (DD-405) rescues surviving crew and passengers from U.S. freighter San Jacinto, torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-201 on 21 April.

U.S. tanker Connecticut, bound for Cape Town, South Africa, is torpedoed by German motor torpedo boat LS 4 (Esan), from auxiliary cruiser Michel, in the South Atlantic, 23°00'S, 15°00'W. The second torpedo ignites the 84,200 barrels of gasoline, airplane engine fuel and heating oils that Connecticut is carrying as cargo; the ensuing inferno engulfs two lifeboats as the crew abandons the burning ship. Michel picks up the survivors, who will subsequently be transferred to a supply ship and thence to POW camp at Fukuoka, Japan.

U.S. freighter Lammot Du Pont*, bound for New York, is torpedoed by German submarine U-125 at 27°10'N, 57°10'W; four men perish from among the combined 46-man merchant complement and the 9-man Armed Guard (see 25 April and 16 May).
The Du Pont's namesake.

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