Saturday, April 1, 2017

It's Official: Trump's A Crook,
& All His Victims Loser Chumps

A federal judge on Friday gave final approval to a $25 million agreement to settle fraud claims arising from Donald J. Trump’s for-profit education venture, Trump University, rejecting a last-minute objection to the deal.

The judge, Gonzalo P. Curiel, in San Diego, issued his order after considering a challenge from Sherri Simpson, a former Trump University student from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., whose lawyers say she should have had a chance to opt out of the class-action settlement and individually sue President Trump, perhaps forcing a trial.
Too damn bad Curiel let him off; chump-ass sucker Sherri Simpson should've had the chance to sue the golf pants
off that fat sack of shit who preys on his fellow morons. And frankly, every fucking loser who signed up for Trump U. should be sterilized as part of a national effort to keep the stupid from reproducing.

Seriously, how much of a schmuck would one have to have been to get suckered into Trump Fucking University?
There must be a hundred of them born every minute; we have to stop the breeders before it's too damn late!

[The NYT]