Saturday, April 15, 2017

I'll See Ben Carson In Hell First!

Alright then. A mere matter of time until I'm back on the street & sleeping under playground equipment again.
One place they might have normally turned would be Section 8 vouchers that help low-income Americans afford rent. But those are also put at risk with cuts to HUD as large as what Trump is calling for.

While the city [New York, New York, The Big Apple] is currently trying to grapple with a budget cut announced last week by reducing the number of active vouchers through attrition, advocates said that strategy can’t cover this kind of deep cut. “We’re talking about people currently getting Section 8 losing it,” Goldiner said.

“With cuts this draconian, I can’t imagine them not having to terminate vouchers,” Atta-Mensah agreed. “There’s nowhere to make up that kind of money.”

The first people who will likely experience this particular pain will be those who have recently been moved off of waiting lists, a process that often takes years. Instead of finally being able to find an apartment they can afford with a voucher, they’ll be given the news that it’s being taken away and they have to keep waiting.

That will only exacerbate the city’s homeless crisis. “Having vouchers be eliminated is a pretty easy way to cause an increase in homelessness,” Goldstein said.


Another way the city might translate Trump’s budget cuts into reality would be to cut back on how much of a person’s rent a voucher will cover. What that means for the tenant himself is a sudden increase in rent, almost by definition beyond what he can afford.

“If your rent goes up so high … you can’t afford your rent,” Atta-Mensah said. “The math just is what it is.”
Of course, if Social Security & Medicare disappear to provide tax breaks for billionaires before Section Eight is eliminated, the issue is moot. Either way, there'll be a lot of names for my death panel to review.

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