Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fake News Posturing &
Resultant Blood Lust

How fake news happens: One of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp employees down under whose gig is exciting Aussies amplifies a month-old report (no link, oddly) from a Wiki-described "centre-right" South Korean newspaper:
South Korea’s JoongAng Daily has claimed the teams would take part in a drill to simulate the removal of Kim Jong-un — a move denied by Former US Navy Commander Gary Ross.
[Not identified as "former" in the Independent story. More Murdoch mendacity? Yep. LCDR Ross is Active Reserve. — M.B.]
If Seal Team 6 or whoever are on or near the peninsula, it's to do w/ the annual Foal Eagle & Key Resolve exercises, underway for six wks. now & unconnected to the current & recent hysteria. (Other than Foal Eagle & Key Resolve causing Dear Leader Kim's latest crankiness.) Toss in excitement about the deployment of a theater defense system as if it's another manifestation of Trumpian Might rather than something which has been underway for two+ yrs. & the war-boner sickos are pumping blood on their hands.
Victoria Craw / US deploys THAAD missile defence, special operatives that took out Osama bin Laden to North Korea
And before you ask, the Murdoch headline indeed reads "deploys ... to North Korea".
I'd like to see that.

P.S.: Limeyland's The Sun, "KIM'S FATE SEALED", is also a Murdoch operation.

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