Saturday, April 29, 2017

Beantown Bandstand: Bloodshot

Late to this tribute by a wk. or two. Mentioned in a comment section somewhere that when I showed up at college in an earlier epoch the J. Geils Band's eponymous debut disc (& The Allman Bros. Live at the Fillmore L.P.) was some hot shit among the relatively hapnin' dudes hangin' out in Linwood's & Franz's dorm room smokin' the reefer, & this reporter had neither heard (nor even heard of) either outfit. I'd been out of the country, what can I say?

Owned an early issue of this 1973 classic, early enough still to be pressed on red "vinyl" or whatever L.P.'s were made of 44 fuckin' yrs. ago. Let me just repeat that: 44 fuckin' yrs. ago!
Scribed in the out-groove "Nice to see your face in the place." And: Mike Hunt Saxophone. (Could have been his actual/legal name, I s'pose.)

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