Monday, April 3, 2017

Another Nail In The
Coffin Of Humanity

This reporter's gummint stipend is not, as he types, in his SAG-AFTRA Federal Credit Union acc't. as it should be; SAG-AFTRA F.C.U. claims "system is down". Screwed by incompetent assholes once again; while blood will be spilled, none of it will be mine!!
How much incompetence am I supposed to take from the Ameri-'tards before I explode w/ righteous, justified rage? How much, & for how long? That's a question every last person on the face of this planet should be asking itself,
because it is their empty lives that are at risk.

1 comment:

Cat Copeland said...

"Like to perform another transaction?" Y o N... There seems to be another 'option' missing.