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U-332 Also Rampaging

Thu. 19 March 1942
Philippine President Manuel Quezon and 13 members of his party are transported from Dumaguete, Negros, to Oroquito, Mindanao, after a 240-mile voyage in motor torpedo boat PT-41.
Previously in Pinoy "history", from Navy Task Force Vol. 1, No. 5, August 1955. © 1955 by Aragon Magazines, Inc.
Small reconnaissance seaplane from Japanese submarine I-25 reconnoiters Suva, Fiji Islands.

Destroyer Dickerson (DD-157) rescues 14 of the 40-man crew of tanker E.M. Clark, sunk by U-124 the previous day. Later, however, Dickerson is mistakenly fired upon and damaged by gunfire from U.S. freighter Liberator off Virginia capes; three men (including the ship's captain) are killed and six wounded. Later the same day, Liberator is torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-332, three miles west of the Diamond Shoals Buoy, 35°05'N, 75°30'W; five crewmen perish. Tug Umpqua (AT-25) rescues 26 merchant sailors and the 4-man Armed Guard.

Destroyer Hambleton (DD-455), at 35°39'N, 71°10'W; rescues six survivors of Honduran freighter Ceiba, sunk by U-124 on 17 March.

British motor vessel Port Halifax rescues the 23 survivors of U.S. tanker W.E. Hutton, sunk by German submarine U-332 off Cape Lookout, North Carolina, the previous day.

High speed transport Stringham (APD 6) rescues the 31 survivors of U.S. tanker Papoose, irreparably damaged the previous day by German submarine U-124. On report of the master, who believes his ship can be saved, tug Kewaydin (AT-24) is sent to investigate salvage possibilities. Papoose, however, is beyond saving, and sinks the next day; Kewaydin proceeds to assist Acushnet (see below).

Damaged U.S. tanker Acme (torpedoed by German submarine U-124 on 17 March) is taken in tow by tug Acushnet (AT-63) and taken to Norfolk.

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