Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Two (Adult?) Minds,
One Juvenile Thought

Surely you've heard about the David "Dave" Letterman interview on the iNternet. Finally got around to scanning it; Dave's as clever as we are around here, or vice versa:
[I]t’s hard not to wish Letterman, late-night’s greatest ironist and most ornery host, was still around to take aim. And so we’ve brought him out of retirement to weigh in on life after television and his old frequent guest and punching bag, the man he calls Trumpy.
We've been typing "Trumpy" since December 2015.

Further deep Dave thoughts:
After that it became George W. Bush, and I thought he was funny in a harmless way. I mean, Dick Cheney was the guy to keep your eye on at a party, because he’d be going through your wife’s purse.
If you could snap your fingers and make it happen, who’d be a dream interview for you?
I think about that all the time. It would be great to talk to Bob Marley. Because when Bob Marley left us, he was politically active. He was the biggest musical star in the world, and he came from such desperate circumstances. It seems like we don’t have that person now whose life and music and behavior apply to soothing the waters of world strife.

Bob Marley’s last two albums were called Survival and Uprising. I don’t know that he’d only be singing “One Love” in 2017.
But I think also the situation politically was probably ignored back then and he was bringing it to light, whereas now we’re more aware. It might have been easier to overlook things in those days; hence the music. But I’m just fascinated by the guy. I read the biography Catch a Fire. That’s where my interest was born. And how about the music? It’s still great.

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