Sunday, March 19, 2017

Thanks, Mr. Berry!

Allegedly 1958. Railroad Jack, flickr.
As a result of Gawd-Among-Men Chuck Berry's death yesterday, we heard more good music on the radio today than we'd ordinarily hear in the proverbial month o' Sundays.

For sing-a-long purposes, at least, I seem to have the lyrics of many of the classics in memory. But could I put the lyrics to paper w/o the musical/vocal cues?

"Too Much Monkey Business" has been a perpetually relevant & stirringly contemptous condemnation of this modern world of shit & pain FOR 60 GODDAMN YRS.+ OF SUFFERING NOW; despite outward changes (& inflation) the 'phone co., the military, the opposite sex, consumer culture, the fossil fuel industry, the educational & judicial systems, wage-slavery yada fucking yada, world w/o end have always been monkeying w/ us.
Speaking of monkey biz, compare & contrast the electronicized stereo on this'n.

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