Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Trumpy's brands will probably be little more than a chain of Interstate-convenient coast-to-coast discount motels by the time it's all over, as evidenced by Ivanka Trump's crummy brands admitting no one who can afford actual gems is interested, but the home-shopping trailer-park trash who voted for her father will be knocking down the doors for knock-offs & paste.
Abigail Klem, president of the first daughter's brand of companies, confirmed to The New York Times Monday that Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry is being discontinued. Instead, the company will focus its efforts on costume jewelry, with a more accessible price point.
In English, motherfucker: "Cheap shit!"

This is what rich weasels have their attachments do to keep them off their backs, right? F'r example, Ivanka's step-mother Melania had a jewelry line once, as well as other scams:
Between 2005 and 2010, Melania modeled sporadically for magazines. In 2006, her son Barron was born. In 2010, Melania launched a QVC jewelry line, with pieces priced from $30 to $200. According to some accounts, it sold out its first production in 45 minutes. The style of each piece, she told CNBC at the time, corresponded to the style of one of her three homes — Palm Beach, New York City, Paris. In the same interview, she hinted there would be more Melania-branded merchandise on the way: "I’m not done because I have a lot of ideas," she said. "And I love when an idea comes to life."
Above link doesn't work from here, nor does the embed code. (FOX is a technical clusterfuck too.) It should from the original page, & possibly here. WARNING: Auto-play, & high volume! FOX: Awful in every respect. Not to repeat myself, but how aggravating can they be?

If you search "Melania Trump Jewelry" at Amazon:
(Also in on the jewelry & skin scams: Jane Seymour. A little surprised there wasn't more effort to get a Sarah Palin line of something going. Sarah's Succulent Canned Moose Chili, anyone?) STOP CONSUMING, YOU FUCKING SHEEEP!!

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