Monday, March 27, 2017

Admiral Overboard!

FRI 27 MAR 1942
Commander TF 39 (Rear Admiral John W. Wilcox), taking an unaccompanied walk on deck of his flagship, battleship Washington (BB 56), is washed overboard and disappears in a heavy sea. Rear Admiral Robert C. Giffen becomes task force commander upon Wilcox's death.

Destroyer Greer (DD-145) proceeds to position indicated by Army plane and rescues five survivors from Panamanian freighter Equipoise, sunk the previous day by U-160; later, Greer picks up an additional eight survivors from the sunken Panamanian merchantman.

British raiding force begins attack on port facilities in German-held St. Nazaire, France; destroyer HMS Campbelltown (former U.S. destroyer Buchanan [DD 132]), reconfigured to resemble a German torpedo boat, is to ram the caisson of the only drydock on the French coast capable of handling the battleship Tirpitz.

Submarine Gudgeon (SS-211) sinks Japanese merchant cargo ship Nissho Maru southeast of Kumun Island, 33°50'N, 127°33'E.

Japanese collier Yubari Maru is sunk by Dutch planes off Koepang, Timor.

Japanese transport/cargo ship Kitano Maru is sunk by Japanese mine off Mabilao, Lingayen Gulf, 16°10'N, 120°24'E.

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