Thursday, March 2, 2017

75 Yrs. Ago On The Oceans

We may just give up & post from here every day for the next few yrs.
MON 2 MAR 1942
Japanese Main Body, Southern Force (Vice Admiral Kondo Nobutake) overtakes fleeing Allied ships southwest of Bali; heavy cruiser Maya and destroyers Arashi and Nowaki sink British destroyer HMS Stronghold; heavy cruisers Atago and Takao attack what they initially identify as a "Marblehead-class" cruiser and sink her with gunfire; their quarry is actually destroyer Pillsbury (DD-227), which is lost with all hands at 14°30'S, 106°30'E.

Submarine Perch (SS-176) is depth-charged and damaged by Japanese destroyer Ushio, Java Sea.

Submarine S-38 (SS-143) attacks Japanese light cruiser Kinu but the latter evades all four torpedoes fired, 06°27'S, 112°12'E.
U.S.S. Sailfish off Mare Island, San Francisco, on 13 April 1943. This image shows her with her bridge modified
to reduce her surface silhouette and add a forward anti-aircraft position. Official U.S. Navy photograph.
[The former U.S.S. Squalus, which sank before the war & was raised & recommissioned as the Sailfish.]
Submarine Sailfish (SS-192) torpedoes and sinks Japanese aircraft transport Kamogawa Maru north of Lombok Strait, 08°06'S, 115°57'E.

Japanese troops land at Zamboanga, Mindanao, P.I.

Bataan-based USAAF P-40s sink Japanese auxiliary submarine chaser No.11 Kyo Maru in Subic Bay.

Antisubmarine Warfare Unit, Atlantic Fleet is established at Boston, Massachusetts.

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