Saturday, February 25, 2017

Today In Calumny

Make America Ancient Rome Again!
Speaking today at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), actor Robert Davi called for the passage of laws that would jail reporters for spreading false information about “the very best of our American heroes,” like President Trump.

Davi claimed that in Ancient Rome, anti-calumny laws made it “impossible to spread false rumors or lies against upstanding and virtuous political candidates” and called for such laws to be enacted in America.

“Let’s go back to Ancient Rome,” David said, “because if such laws existed today, we would see more men like Donald Trump and Mike Pence running for Congress or the Senate or the presidency and more fake reporters perhaps going to prison for the very lies they make up to commit cruel character assassination against the very best of our American heroes.”

Cruel character assassination like playing recordings of the upstanding & virtuous very best of our American heroes lying & contradicting themselves every five mins.? Calumnies like exact quotes?

From Trump & his Executive Mansion coterie of liars, lickspittles, incompetents & family members right down to the bush league hypocrites like Davi the assault on a free press is on. If I gave a shit I'm sure I could find Mr. Davi's other face bitching & moaning about a college campus somewhere depriving some fascist jerka virtuous conservative of his or her right to be an asshole in a public venue.

Not the first time we've noted what a developmentally-disabled dimbulb Mr. Davi is. A calumny, Bob. C'mon, sue me!

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