Tuesday, February 28, 2017

This Date In The Past

What a world: All shit & pain, now & forever.

Local Action:

One Of The Most Violent Police Shootouts In Modern American History Happened In L.A. 20 Years Ago

And: Xians are doing some bullshit in reference to their pig-on-a-stick god's phony death.

Also: This reporter's immediate female ancestor died ten yrs. ago on this date, screwing him out of her Social Security for the month, which probably lead to his becoming homeless. Bitch couldn't have held on for another day? Should have been dead yrs. earlier anyway.

That's my existence: Abandoned by everyone. Fuck you bastards & your world to hell w/ a splintered broomstick.
Then I'll shit & piss on your graves just as you've shit & pissed all over me for the last 60+ yrs., & all over the planet since your species crawled from the decaying filth in which it was born.

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