Saturday, February 11, 2017

Submarine Shark Sunk;
Vichy Gets Froggy

WED 11 Feb 1942
Submarine Shark (SS-174) is sunk by Japanese destroyer Yamakaze about 120 miles east of Menado, Celebes, 01°45'N, 127°15'E. There are no survivors from Shark's 58-man crew.

U.S. Army troops arrive at Curacao and Aruba, N.W.I., to assume occupation duty (with the cooperation of the British and Dutch governments) at this naval operating base whose primary mission will be port security, convoy routing, and protection of tankers transporting oil to U.S. ports.

PBM (VP 74) rescues nine survivors adrift in a lifeboat from British tanker San Arcadio, sunk by German submarine U-107 on 31 January.

Admiral William D. Leahy, USN (Retired), Ambassador to France, receives instructions from President Roosevelt that the U.S. government has learned that French ships are to be used to transport war materiel between France and Tunisia, and that unless the French government gives assurances that no military aid would go forward to any Axis power, and that French ships would not be used in the furtherance of Axis acts of aggression in any theater of war, the ambassador would be recalled to the United States "for consultation in a determination of American future policy with regard to the government of Vichy" (see 20-21 February).

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