Friday, February 10, 2017

Picking On The New Guy

THU 10 FEB 1942
USAAF LB-30s bomb and damage Japanese seaplane carrier Chitose in Makassar Strait south of Celebes.

Japanese submarine I-69 shells Midway but is immediately bombed and damaged by USMC F2As (VMF 221).

Submarine R-5 (SS-82) fires three torpedoes at what she later reports as a German U-boat at 35°00'N, 65°45'W, but the attack is not successful. By the time R-5 has reloaded, the enemy is gone. While R-5's captain is criticized for erring in judgment for failing to follow up his contact during darkness and continuing the attack, his inexperience (R-5 is his first command) is considered, as is the fact that it is that commanding officer's first war patrol. R-5's quarry may have been U-564, which sinks Canadian motor tanker Victolite at 36°12'N, 67°14'W the same day.

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