Monday, February 13, 2017

"Military Intelligence"
Remains Oxymoron

As we see in the resignation of tool-of-the-Russians ret'd. Lt. Gen. Flynn, an alleged intel expert. Apparently Trumpian judgement remains an oxymoron as well. Surprise, surprise. "Best minds", right Trumpy?

Another great mind in the Lump Admin. is Stephen Miller, the junior Goebbels. "The powers of the president ... are very substantial and will not be questioned".

Any & all of these vicious lying assholes are cordially invited to eat my fuck, whatever that means. Although treason is punishable by execution, innit?
Kraut saboteur caught in U.S. Army uniform about to get his. From somewhere in here.
Next: Russki-loving so-called Americans get it too!

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Weird Dave said...

Tumbrils. We need tumbrils.