Thursday, February 2, 2017

It's Only Thurs.?

Longest wk. yet?

Other than the state of the world (How soon will the Atomic Scientists next advance the Doomsday Clock on its inevitable course to midnight?) I either have a screwed-up ass muscle or (& more likely as I think about it) the osteoarthritis in my hands that's keeping me from playing guitar like Hendrix (couple other reasons too; we'll stick w/ just that one) is in my left hipbone now, implying a life on painkillers, a hip replacement (already too hip, not just for the room but for the world) or using a cane until I give up & fucking die. Cane maybe not that bad; I could beat some sense into morons.

Slightly positive note: Despite previous assumption, the gravy train is running again. Got a check for almost U.S.$20.00 Weds., came in quite handy as my return on F.I.C.A. investments won't be here for another 24 hrs.

(Gravy) train songs:


konarider said...

Hey, I've been dealing with hip problems (one leg longer than the other, undiagnosed for WAY too long to fix) for many years. I've found that an ice pack on the inflamed areas for 1/2 hour prior to going to bed. It really helps.

M. Bouffant said...

Med. Ed.:
Funny, I was thinking a heating pad might help. Either way, I'll be visiting the croaker next wk. or so. While there's still Medicare.