Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fake Headline

Say no more, it's a Wall Street Journal opinion piece. Fortunately, only subscribers can read it.

The Media Do Battle With a Pragmatic New President

Trump talked policy in his Florida rally, but journalists thought it was about them.

Nothing says "pragmatism" like assaulting the First Amendment & the last vestiges of rationality. In Journal-world only the press does battle; certainly the pragmatic Trump has barely mentioned the media, & then only in the most glowing terms. And "journalists thought it was about them"? It takes a card-carrying, dues-paying member
Credit: Katie Andrews Potter
of the Projectionists Union to accuse the media or anyone else of self-absorption in comparison to ratings & poll-obsessed Trump.

Typist Jason L. Riley (if that is his real or even legal name) gets the coveted "Kee-rist, What An Asshole" Award, w/ an honorable mention to whoever typed the headline.

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