Thursday, February 23, 2017

California Attacked!
Republic Finally Sinks!

MON 23 FEB 1942
Japanese submarine I-17 shells oil refinery at Ellwood, California. [The Wiki indicates I-17 hit an oil well on a golf course in what is now incorporated as Goleta, CA.]
Submarine Tarpon (SS-175) is damaged when she runs aground in Boling Strait, N.E.I. and becomes stranded (see 24 February).

U.S. freighter Lihue is torpedoed by German submarine U-161 about 275 miles west of Martinique, 14°30'N, 64°45'W; Lihue, damaged, engages U-161 in a surface gunnery action before the freighter is subsequently abandoned and the crew rescued by British tanker British Governor. Canadian armed merchant cruiser HMCS Prince Henry places a salvage party on board in attempt to save Lihue. Minesweeper Partridge (AM-16) tries to tow Lihue to safety, but the crippled merchantman sinks short of St. Lucia, the intended destination. There are no casualties to either the 36-man merchant crew or the 9-man Armed Guard.

Unarmed U.S. tanker Sun is torpedoed by German submarine U-502 about 54 miles north of Aruba, 13°02'N, 70°41'W, and although initially abandoned is reboarded. She is ultimately repaired and returned to service; there are no casualties among the 36-man crew (see 5 July).

Unarmed U.S. tanker Republic, torpedoed by German submarine U-504 on 21 February, having drifted onto reefs off Hobe Sound, Florida, sinks.

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