Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Weasel-DickWater Sports Weds.

Shorter: I Piss On Your Grave!

But What Does This Mean In The Pissing
Popularity Contest?

Clod-Emperor Drumpf's poll numbers have begun the decline to the bitterly clinging IOKIYAR 27% G.W. Bush threshold, a wk. & change before his tiny paws are even near the atomic button/magic words. Via TPM's Ed Blog.
For some perspective, by Gallup's numbers, each of the last three presidents had approval ratings of at least 65% during their presidential transitions.
More numbers than I could be bothered to read here.
American voters approve 55 - 39 percent of the job President Barack Obama is doing, his best approval rating in seven years, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today. These same voters disapprove 51 - 37 percent of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as president-elect.

Donald Trump will be a worse president than Barack Obama, 45 percent of voters say, while 34 percent say he will be a better president and 15 percent say he will be about the same, American voters tell the independent Quinnipiac University Poll.

Americans are optimistic 52 - 43 percent about the next four years with Trump as president and say 47 - 31 percent that he will help rather than hurt the nation's economy.

Trump will be a "great" president, 12 percent of voters say; 30 percent say he will be a "good" president; 20 percent say he will be "not so good" and 32 percent say he will be "bad."

The measures of Trump's personal qualities all are more negative than they were in a November 22 Quinnipiac University poll:
  • 53 - 39 percent that he is not honest, compared to 52 - 42 percent November 22;
  • 49 - 44 percent that he has good leadership skills, compared to 56 - 38 percent;
  • 52 - 44 percent that he does not care about average Americans, compared to 51 - 45 percent who said he did care;
  • 62 - 33 percent that he is not level-headed, compared to 57 - 38 percent;
  • 71 - 25 percent that he is a strong person, compared to 74 - 23 percent;
  • 68 - 27 percent that he is intelligent, compared to 74 - 21 percent.
All of which clearly shows what cretinous chumps these Yankees be, w/ their idiot optimism & ability to hold three
or four contradictory & idiotic thoughtideas in their heads at once. Will whatever comes of all this (Not much, I'm guessing; just too good to be true!) change any minds? Why the hell would it?

Cultural Note: Expect a revival of The Blues.
Howling Wolf - How Many More Years (1951 original)

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