Saturday, January 21, 2017

Uncharted Pinnacle

WED 21 JAN 1942
In response to the movement of the Japanese convoy sighted the previous day in Makassar Strait, a U.S. task force (Rear Admiral William A. Glassford), consisting of light cruisers Boise (CL-47) (flagship) and Marblehead (CL-12) and four destroyers sails from Koepang, Timor, to engage it. En route, however, Boise steams across an uncharted pinnacle in Sape Strait, N.E.I., and suffers sufficient damage to eliminate her from the force. Turbine trouble limits Marblehead (the ship to which Glassford transfers his flag) to only 15 knots, so the admiral orders the destroyers (Commander Paul H. Talbot) ahead (see 24 January).

Submarine S-36 (SS-141), damaged by grounding on 20 January, is scuttled by her crew in Makassar Strait.

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